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Aircraft Ceramic Coating – New York City

High Expectations – Long Island

Ceramic coating does not end on the road – in fact aircraft ceramic coating services extend the benefits to the sky! At High Expectations we’re able to coat private aircrafts at a facility of your choosing. From helicopters to Cessna’s and Gulfstreams our expert aviation technicians coat the exterior, interior, or both with Ceramic Pro products.


By adding Ceramic Pro services to the exterior of an aircraft, the surface adds state-of-the-art technology that helps to protect the coat from contaminants including, exhaust, oil and debris. The aircraft ceramic coating services provide additional protection from corrosion, icing and contributes to savings on maintenance costs. The coat finishes with a high gloss sheen and helps to better maintain the original coat.


On the interior of an aircraft, ceramic pro can be applied to any plastic, leather or textile surface. Our technicians use Ceramic Pro Leather or Ceramic Pro Textile on the majority of surfaces. These products help protect the interior from premature aging, stains, dirt, debris and possess hydrophobic qualities that allow liquids to bead off a protected surface. The Ceramic Pro benefits result in an interior that stays cleaner and lasts longer compared to it’s unprotected counterpart.

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