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Auto Detailing Long Island – Chrome Delete, Auto Flex, Debadging, Glassparency

From logos and badging to door handles and accents we customize your vehicle to any color you have in mind! Please scroll down the page for additional information.


Chrome Delete

Chrome Delete services provide a customized feel and flare to your vehicle. If you’re interested in creating a custom feel for your vehicle chrome delete does just that! We remove chrome and can wrap it with vinyl or Auto Flex! From logos and badging to door handles and accents we customize your vehicle to any color you have in mind!


Interested in removing badges or logos entirely from your vehicle? Our debadging services do just that. If you want to remove a manufacturers logo, make or model type then we seamlessly remove the badge for a seamless

auto detailing long island
auto detialing long island


Glassparency is a hydrophobic window protective coating that is backed with a three-year manufacturer warranty. Perfect for any environment or region, this coating is at the forefront of glass protection and allows water to bead on any surface it’s applied to. Nighttime glare is also reduced resulting in a safer and clearer drive.

Headlight Restoration

Do your headlights show haziness, scratching or swirling? Are your headlights not as bright as they once were? If you answered yes to any of these questions, our shop can restore your headlights and remove imperfections from the lenses on your car. We use wet sanding techniques and a three stage polish to restore your headlights of yesteryear. Packages for headlight restoration services start at $65 per vehicle. To schedule an appointment with your vehicle, please click here.

auto detialing long island

 Bolt on Accessories

Our shop offers accessories for quick add ons and customizations to any vehicle. From mud flaps, spoilers, rain guards, brush guards , HID replacements and more!

Caliper Painting & Powder Coating – Looking for an extra layer of eye popping customization? We provide custom caliper and powder coat jobs to brakes, calipers and rims. We’re able to match the color to your vehicle or provide any color you can imagine.

Upholstery Repair – Interior surfaces in need of a repair? High expectations provides meticulous craftsmanship to repair and replace interior surfaces. From something as small as a cigarette burn or normal wear and tear we have the skills needed to restore any interior surface!

Autoflex – Autoflex is a high-end professional paint job that can be peeled away. Unlike plastic dip, the painted surface can be wet-sanded, compounded and polished like regular paint. The high gloss clear coat brings a shine to the vehicle unlike any other peel away paint. 

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