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Industrial Ceramic Coating – Long Island, NY

If you’re looking for anti graffiti industrial ceramic coating services then Ceramic Pro is the strongest option on the market.  With all of the graffiti, buildings, trains and industrial equipment in the area this anti graffiti coating keeps buildings and equipment looking like new! If you’re the owner of a building, and have fallen victim to the environmental fallout that causes the façade to turn black, graffiti, or if you have vines or moss that crawl up your building, then industrial ceramic coating makes cleanup a breeze and stops intrusion in its path.

The Ceramic Pro Strong formula adds an ultra slick, industrial strength coating to the surface that allows contaminants to literally wash off with a hose. In the event that any piece of equipment is vandalized you simply wash the affected area down and the spray paint is gone! With applications to several different surfaces including buildings, trains, job site equipment, cranes and anything else you want kept clean, these applications save your equipment from potential vandals and environmental fallout.  As each job is incredibly unique we offer all of our quotes for the industrial application on a one by one basis.  For additional information and a free quote for your job, please click here.

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